Harnessing the Power of Soil Biology in Stuyvesant, NY

Farm at The Landing is a family owned farm growing flowers, herbs and specialty crops.  Our land has been farmed organically for more than 30+ years and has been in cultivation since at least the late 18th century.  There’s lots of history to uncover and we look forward to learning more, as well as creating a strong community where you can make lots of memories for you and your family.   We are located in the historic hamlet of Stuyvesant Landing, NY where explorer Henry Hudson came ashore in 1609.

We grow flowers for the vital role they serve in the lifecycle of all living things and because they’re beautiful and make us happy.  

We sell flowers wholesale and direct to our neighbors.


Harnessing the Power of Soil Biology

Soil health is something we care a lot about so we keep our tilling to a minimum allowing micro organisms to flourish because we believe healthy soil is linked to healthy, more nutritious food.   There is no spraying of pesticides or herbicides on our crops or flowers, and we are a toxin free farm. Nature is the best teacher so we will mimic her by continuing to build up soil health and biodiversity as we grow more flowers and healthy food for our local community and beyond.